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 Let us be grateful for our blessings,
for our health, for each other
and for the world.



My mission is to be of service and to appropriately provide you with palliative pain relief and health care support; to offer you access to relaxation and stress release, in order to maximize your physical well-being; to encourage you to reward and care for yourself so you can achieve harmony within body, mind & soul which can help you to feel your best for the sake of your family, and your community.

Marta Cuboni - LMT OR Lic. 11453            

I have been a bodyworker since October of 2004, offering Swedish, maternity massage, Hawai’ian Hot Stone, Traditional Thai massage and Cupping therapy to invoke my dedication to promoting health and wellness. By appreciating the body in all its intricate connectivity, I combine detailed knowledge of body mechanics with the intention of creating a sacred space and tranquil time for my clients to reap the benefits of deep relaxation.

Flowersmile.jpgMy style is an expression of a belief in the benefits of a broad, firm contact and a rhythmic use of pressure that encourages the recipient to ‘let go’ from within and allow an unwinding of body and mind. While I continue to embrace learning new modalities, and to refine my skills, the core of my practice has roots in an "island" influence (from my childhood in Fiji) of open hearted, therapeutic touch. This approach gives form to my fluid and dynamic fusion of techniques, and infuses my clients' experience with a tropical warmth.

I view the practice of massage as the way I can best serve my chosen community, having settled in Eugene in 2000 after residing in New Orleans for five years as I earned a BA from Tulane University in French and Women’s Studies. My wish to align with a sustainable life path is what inspired me to move here, and complete two years of midwifery studies before heeding my vocation to do daily ‘hands on’ work to help make the world a happier place. I love to travel, dance and practice yoga to stay strong and healthy.

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